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Legislative Outreach

Legislative Outreach – The Agricultural Grassroots Team (TAG TEAM)

Protecting agriculture by educating our legislators with hands on experience and first hand information. YOU can contribute to the voice of agriculture and help protect our future.

For those involved in any aspect of agriculture – whether it’s professionally or as a hobby – one of the biggest threats we face is legislation. Every year, more and more lawmakers are elected that have little to no understanding about agriculture.

In turn, they often vote in ways that hurt our livelihoods.

What if we had the opportunity to connect with them directly? To share our story and explain our side? What if we could take them to see our operations first hand and explain why a piece of legislation is good or bad for us?

Enter the The Agricultural Grassroots Team – or the TAG TEAM for short.

The Agricultural Grassroots Team for Outreach and Education on behalf of those involved in Agriculture.

Our goal is to have groups of team members across the country – based around the major metropolitan areas where most of the lawmakers are located for the districts represented in the populated areas. We want to build relationships that help the representatives to understand how important agriculture is and why a particular piece of legislation might be of great importance to us.

At this time, the founders of the Farm and Ranch Network are based in Texas, so we are in the process of assembling a Texas team. If you’d like to be a part, PLEASE let us know! If you are in another state and are interested in helping form a team there, let us know and we will help you get started.

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If you’d like to jump on our team, please email TagTeamOutreach@gmail.com

If you’re interested in getting something similar started in your home state, also please email us at TagTeamOutreach@gmail.com We want to see this go nationwide! Ag is everywhere.

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